A virtual coworking community for those who want more

This project has been archived

Welcome to dip

dip is a community for developers, designers, makers and creators. Our goal is to help you:

  • feel like you're working alongside others
  • reach the next level in your career, project, or side-hustle

For some, this means reaching the next level. For others, this means studying the nights and weekends to transition into a new career.

For others, it might mean building a side-project that earns enough for them pursue their real interests full-time.

Private community for weekend warriors

We realized we needed something better than working from coffee shops. Something like coworking but for those doing it outside the regular 9-5.

A safe place to share our progress, our successes, and our failures. It’s one thing to have Twitter but it’s another when you have a supportive group of individuals in similar pursuits.

This community aims to be a place for those “in progress”. A supportive space for motivated individuals who have direction and want to surround themselves with like-minded individuals.

Who should join?

Software developers, designers, makers, creators, writers...basically anyone who’s working on a project or making a career transition. We welcome all!

What's included?

When you join our community, you get access to:

  • a private Slack group
  • virtual coworking rooms via Tandem

Use the private Slack to get feedback, share updates and ask questions.

screenshot of dip.chat Slack

Use the virtual coworking rooms to work alongside others, share your work, and get help.

screenshot of dip.chat Tandem